Salmon Capital of the World


Campbell River, BC, the Salmon Capital of the World

2021 Fishing Season and Covid 19

First and foremost, I hope you are all doing well and wish you and all of your loved ones the best during these challenging times. Currently we are still planning for our salmon season and getting out on the water for some great fishing this summer! Like all of you, we will be watching what’s going on globally and waiting to see the progress for a return to better times.

During this time of self isolation many of you are tentatively planning vacations or are looking to book a fishing trip this summer You can feel confident that you are guaranteed to be refunded any deposits if the travel advisory is still in effect or for any other health reasons. So we are waiving the standard 30 day cancellation policy to alleviate concerns of being unable to reschedule or cancel your charter dates. We are all in this together and I am sure that all of you are looking forward to getting back to doing what we love the most!

Until then, Tight Lines!!!

Your Captain, Laurel


Campbell River, BC, is strategically located on the east coast of Vancouver Island along the Discovery Passage or Inner Passage of the Strait of Georgia. It is important because every year millions of migrating salmon travel through this narrow channel on their way to spawn in their birth rivers along the shores of Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia. The waters are sheltered and are the fertile feeding grounds where salmon gorge themselves on herring, shrimp, squid and needlefish all year round. This channel is only a mile across in some areas so acts like a funnel for all types of ocean wildlife and marine traffic.

Campbell River’s International Acclaim

Fishing has been the way of life here for centuries. Campbell River got it’s first international acclaim as the “Salmon Capital of the World” back in 1896 when British journalist Sir Richard Musgrave wrote about the exceptional fishing at the mouth of the Campbell River. His article appeared in the popular London sporting journal called “The Field” and boasted about the 19 Tyees (salmon greater than 30 pounds) he caught, the largest being a massive 70 pound (31 kilograms) salmon. The fishing craze that stirred from this article has never really died down and we have been dubbed the “Salmon Capital of the World” ever since. Today, our small city of just over 30,000 people is flourishing and salmon fishing is still our legacy.

Salmon is Still King in Campbell River

Fishing, especially for salmon, has cultural and historical significance in Campbell River. Salmon are widely celebrated here. You will see them in many of the Native arts and adorning our buildings and also in festivals held throughout the year. You are invited to join us in our celebrations and our feasts. Salmon is still king around here!

We are Famous for our Salmon Fishing

We can also boast about Hollywood’s elite and various dignitaries that come here for their annual fishing trips in anticipation of the world-class salmon fishing opportunities in Campbell River, BC. Now, rather than staying in tent camps along the shores like in yesteryears, we have all the modern ammenities a thriving city can offer.